Paranormalcy is the first book in the Paranormalcy Series.


Evie is a sixteen year old girl who works for the IPCA. She hunts down paranormals, who will then work for the IPCA. In her meantime, she watches TV with her mermaid friend Lish. When a shape-shifting boy named Lend breaks into the IPCA headquarters, things start getting weird. A faerie named Reth starts bothering her, and paranormals start dying.


Evie - the main character, a sixteen year old girl, who is an Empty One.

Vivian - Like Evie, is an Empty One, and is a few years older than her

Lend- a shape-shifting boy, seventeen years old, becomes Evie's boyfriend

Reth- a faerie who takes an interest in Evie. He is Evie's ex-boyfriend.

Raquel- Is sort of a motherly figure towards Evie. She raised Evie.

David - human, Lend's father

Arianna - a vampire

Lish - a mermaid, Evie's best friend

Cresseda - A water elemental, and Lend's mother

Nona - a tree nymph