Lend from paranormalcy is a shape Shifting Unkown hybrid paranormal according to IPCA. He is also immortal. In reality Lends skin color is a light blue and his voice is described as soft like running water but with a softer more human tone which Evie described as wonderful like slipping into a steam bath. He is a love interest to Evie Green

History Edit

kevin was born in cornbury a former worker and APACA and Cresseda, a water spirit. He was unable to go to school until his shape-shifting abilities were under control. As he claims he thought it was a game he now lives in Virginia with his father David as Cresseda has gone back to a small pond behind their house.

He first enters the story when he breaks into IPCA looking for information, but is caught and tagged by shope then put into Containment.


Lend breaks into the IPCA, and later becomes Evie's love interest.