Evie (short for Evelyn) is the main character in the Paranormalcy Series.


Evie was created by the fey (Seelie Court), but they apparently lost her, and she ended up growing up in foster homes. She is able to see through paranormals' glamours. Because of this, she was then recruited by the APCA, which became the IPCA after a treaty. Indeed it was a very Stormy Night.


Evie, though she is at first not cognizant of the fact, is a paranormal herself. She is an Empty One. Since Empty Ones don't have enough of their own soul to stay alive, they have to take the souls of others. The only other Empty one is Vivian.

Evie is bagging-and-tagging a vampire at the beginning of the novel. She then returns to the IPCA headquarters, where she soon finds a shape-shifter named Lend. Lend becomes Evie's boyfriend later on in the novel.She gradually starts to distrust IPCA because of their treatment towards paranormals and runs away,deciding to try and live a normal life.